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GitDirt offers many setup tools and technical data to help racers be faster. Dirt track racing is a very competitive sport and every racer needs a edge.
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Dirt Track Racing Setup Calculators
Easy to use calculators to help determine setup changes needed to improve your cars performance.
Choose from the list below and enter the needed information in the text boxes.
Hit calculate to get the results. No math skills required!

Air Filter Height
K&N air filters when tested generally demonstrate a cumulative filtration efficiency of between 96% and 99%. Use this tool to determine the size air filter required to match your engine.
Piston Speed
Longer Rods slow down piston speed.
Longer rods will let the engine breathe a couple hundred RPM higher. The rings will last a little longer too from less cylinder wall pressure. Keith Black offers pistons to use with longer rods.
Average Speed
Calculate average speed from lap distance and lap times.
Ring and Pinion Ratio
The Ring and Pinion ratio is determined by dividing the number of teeth on the ring gear by the number of teeth on the pinion gear.
Carburator CFM
Volumetric efficiency is how well an engine breathes. Head work,intake runner size, valve size and camshaft lift improve flow.
Street Stock engines use .80, full race engines use .90 for baseline.
Rocker Arm Ratio
You can increase valve lift by changing rocker arm ratio to gain horsepower with your engine.
Final Drive Ratio
Final Drive Ratio is the number of revolutions the wheels turn per revolution of the engine.
If your race car lugs coming off the corner, a larger final drive will improve corner exit speed.
Use your tachometer, tire diameter and final drive ratio to determine your miles per hour.
Gasoline Weight
Find out how much your gasoline weighs. Easy to us, enter gallons and calculate its weight with one click. Use this calculator to help you determine how much weight is changed as fuel is used.
Methanol Weight
Find out how much your methanol weighs. Easy to us, enter gallons and calculate its weight with one click.
Water Weight
Find out how much water weighs. Easy to us, enter gallons and calculate its weight with one click.
50/50 Coolant Weight
Find out how much your coolant weighs. Easy to us, enter gallons and calculate its weight with one click.
Click the images below to view larger.

Technical Data

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